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Sister Pie


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Pies are fun and this book invites the reader to join the party. Sister Pie, from the founder of the eponymous Detroit bakery, is filled with great recipes, quirky drawings, and a real sense of soul and place. This authors have drawn raves for their whimsical take on pie, their commitment to community, and their deep connection to all things Detroit. We appreciate that the authors don’t always take themselves too seriously, even if their pies are no joke!

From the publisher: 

At Sister Pie, Lisa Ludwinski and her band of sister bakers are helping make Detroit sweeter one slice at a time from a little corner pie shop in a former beauty salon on the city’s east side. The granddaughter of two Detroit natives, Ludwinski spends her days singing, dancing, and serving up a brand of pie love that has charmed critics and drawn the curious from far and wide. No one leaves without a slice—those who don’t have money in their pockets can simply cash in a prepaid slice from the “pie it forward” clothesline strung across the window. With 75 of her most-loved recipes for sweet and savory pies—such as Toasted Marshmallow-Butterscotch Pie and Sour Cherry-Bourbon Pie—and other bakeshop favorites, the Sister Pie cookbook pays homage to Motor City ingenuity and all-American spirit. Illustrated throughout with 75 drool-worthy photos and Ludwinski’s charming line illustrations, and infused with her plucky, punny style, bakers and bakery lovers won’t be able to resist this book.

Publisher: Lorena Jones

Published: 2018

Length: 256p