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Mockmill Oat Flaker

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Mornings will never be the same once you've tried this clever oat automatic flaker from Mockmill. Simply load oat groats (whole unmilled oats) into the hopper and watch as they flake into perfect rolled oats in seconds!

Maybe you're wondering why you'd want to flake your own oats? For one thing oats have a ton of delicious oils in them, which means they tend to get stale and rancid pretty quickly once they're rolled. The whole oats groats store really well, which means the tastiest oats you've ever eaten are always at your fingertips. 

Commercial oats tend to be steamed to preserve them longer, which also reduces some of their nutritional value and flavor. Fresh-rolled oats are incomparably sweet and a bit chewier than most rolled oats on the market. 

And why stop at oats? Almost any grain can be flaked with a simple soaking, which means endless possibilities for creative muesli, granola mixes, and baking applications. 

The flaker is also a dream for bread bakers, opening the doors to rolled rye, spelt, and other flakes that you can easily incorporate into you loaves. 

The Mockmill flaker is sleek and attractive, making for easy storage or a prominent spot in your kitchen. Trust us, we've got one at our house and it gets constant use. 

Note: to flake grains other than oats simply mix 1 teaspoon water per cup of grain and let hydrate for a few hours prior to flaking. See instructions for details on which grains a can and can't be flaked, but most grains except for corn can be flaked. Many seeds and pseudo cereals can be flaked as well. Legumes are too large. 

 Product details
- The casing is constructed of 100% renewable "Arboblend" 
- Flaking mechanism: two stainless steel rollers
- Made in Germany
- Power draw: 360 W
- Voltage: 100-240 V
- Flaking speed: approximately 115 RPM
- Flaking rate: about 60 g oats per minute
- Hopper capacity: 200 g
- Dimensions: 11½" high x 4½" deep x 9" high
- Flaking volume: 60dB
- Weight: 3.5 kg
- Warranty: 3 years non-commercial