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Heirloom Sonora Wheat Flour 2#


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Sonora is an heirloom wheat with a storied history. It's one of the first wheats grown in the Americas, supposedly brought over by Spanish Missionaries in the 1600s to the Sonoran desert to make communion bread with. It was adopted by the native peoples of the area who used it to make the first flour tortillas and local versions of pozole and other dishes.

Not surprisingly tortillas made with this wheat have an amazing texture and flavor. It’s also lovely as a portion of breads and brioche. We get our Sonora direct from farmers in Arizona and mill it fresh at the shop

Product  details 

- Organic 
- Weight: 2#
- Best stored in freezer and used ASAP. Will keep at room temp for 3+ months.
- Milled: fine
- 100% extraction  
- Protein 10.25%