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Crystal Snowflake Springerle Mould

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Translating to “little jumpers,” springerles are German anise-flavored cookies named for the way they quickly rise in the oven. They traditionally make a delicious gift for the holidays, with a crispy interior and a chewy exterior. But it's their delightful array of intricate designs that makes them most unique. Families treat their wooden moulds like heirlooms and some bakers use them as an opportunity to showcase their wood-carving skills. While we don’t carve our own moulds at Elmendorf we're proud to carry a selection from the fine folks at House on the Hill.

For more than 30 years House on the Hill has traveled the globe tracking down antique moulds and recasting these treasures in a blend of wood and resin. We offer a delightful array of celebratory shapes and designs to make your holidays as festive as possible. This Crystal Snowflake design rests on a 2.5 inch hexagon and is perfect for the winter holidays.

Product Details
-Dimensions: 2.5”x 2.5”

Care Instructions
-Handwash, not dishwasher safe