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People's Choice Bread Box

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You asked for it and we've obliged! Here's a chance to get in on the judging fun at this year's Elmendorf Grand Prix du Pain! Every box comes with a slice of all the participating baguettes in this year's competition. You'll get a chance to vote for your favorite! All proceeds go towards funding the competition. 


What's in the box: a slice of every competition baguette in this year's contest. We don't know how many bakeries will be participating yet but we expect it to be 10-15. We'll also include a container of European-style butter and a limited edition event poster! (they're pretty sweet... see picture)

When and where can I get my box: Boxes will be available for pickup from the East Cambridge Business Association Merchandise stand on the day of the event (June 9). They'll be available for pickup at the start of the festival by 12-12:30pm 

Important note: Because our competition is judged anonymously the baguettes slices will be individually labeled with numbers, not the name of the bakery. This is to protect the integrity of the competition. After the competition is complete the winning baguette will be announced but you still won't know which numbers correspond to which bakery! Sorry!