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Flax Linen Baker's Couche

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Proof your baguettes in style with this French-made professional flax-linen couche. The sturdy linen material slightly wicks moisture from the surface of your bread for a better crust while providing perfect support for several baguettes or batards. These couches are perfect for proofing several demi or full-sized baguettes, or batards at a time.

Use: simply dust with flour (we like rice flour!) and place your shaped dough between the folds of the couche. Flip proofed baguettes onto peel and load into the oven!

Product details
- Dimensions: 25 “ x 36”
- Material: Flax-linen
- Made in France
- This couche is cut from a larger roll so some edges are unfinished. Can be used as is or hemmed at home.

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