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Masa: Techniques, Recipes, and Reflections on a Timeless Staple


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Finally a book in English that delves deep into the art and science of one of the world’s great culinary creations. This book does a wonderful job covering the nitty gritty of nixtamalization, the almost magical alchemy that turns humble corn into masa–the building block of everything from empanadas, to pupusas, and tortillas for tacos. With incredibly detailed step-by-step guides to making masa from scratch at home, this book demystifies the process in a way we haven't seen covered before in a cookbook. 

Masa is written by the founder of Masienda–a company that supplies chefs and home cooks with incredible heirloom corn and powdered instant masa harina. We were the first retail shop in the country to carry their instant masa harina, so needless to say we've long been fans of their work.

In addition to making your own masa, the book covers traditional recipes and also delves into more modern applications for the glorified corn mush. And it’s not just tortillas and the like, Gaviria reminds us that masa has a wonderful history in drinks and desserts as well. 

We love this book! 

Author: Jorge Gaviria

Hardcover & published by Chronicle Books. 272p

Published: Sept. 2022