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Wicker Proofing Basket


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These linen-lined wicker proofing baskets are made in France and a favorite of professionals. The linen lining wicks a bit of moisture from the dough aiding crust development and the wicker mesh allows just the perfect amount of airflow for proofing. Dust liberally with flour before use to reduce sticking (we highly recommend rice flour).

- 8" basket is perfect for 1-1.5# loaves
- 10" basket is perfect for 2-2.5# loaves
- 12" basket is perfect for 3-3.5# loaves
- 12" couronne basket is perfect for proofing crown-shaped loaves
- 14"x 6'' basket is perfect for demi-baguettes or extra-long oblong loaves

Care instructions
- To clean, scrape out dried dough with a stiff bristle brush
- Do not soak!